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To download or view a full list of Revere's parks, open space, and facilities, please visit: 



A.C. Whelan School

107 Newhall Street


Beachmont School 

15 Everard Street


Garfield School

186 Garfield Ave


Lincoln School

68 Tuckerman Street


Rumney Marsh Academy 

140 American Legion Highway


Sargent J. Hill School

51 Park Ave


Susan B. Anthony School

107 Newhall St




Turf Fields

Revere High School Turf Field

101 School Street


Harry Della Russo Stadium

Park Ave



Ambrose Park 

Ambrose Street


Frederick's Park 

15 Everard Street


Ciarlone Tot Lot 

107 Newhall Street


Costa Park 

Shirley Ave


Curtis Park 

186 Garfield Ave


DeStoop (Oak Island) Park 

Dashwood Street


Gibson Park 

1 Hayes Ave


Liberty Park 

Breedens Lane


Lighthouse Tot Lot

395 Revere Street


Louis Pasteur Park 

Endicott Ave


Sonny Myers Park 

120 Beach Street


Youth Rate (Monday - Saturday)

$145 per every 3 hours**

Youth Rate (Sunday)​​

$170 per every 3 hours**

Adult Rate (Monday - Saturday)​​

$175 per every 3 hours**

Adult Rate (Sunday) ​​

$205 per every 3 hours**

3-hour rental is the minimum

**All rates subject to an additional $15 department permitting fee.

OUTDOOR RENTAL RATES: Effective 3/1/2023


Harry Della Russo Stadium​​

$190 per 2 hour​ block, $95 for every added hour

$130 per hour for game day/event rental*

-Youth rental rate: $30 per hour**

*Game day/event rental includes opening of press box, concession stand and locker room by on-site facility administrator  

**Youth rental rate is only available for non-profit organizations with a primary address in Revere

Revere High School Turf Field

​​$180 per 2 hour block $90 for every added hour


*2 hour block minimum

Harry Della Russo: in the event that the press box, locker room or concession stand needs to be open, the game day rental rate of $125 will apply

Lower hourly rates available for youth activities. See Director for details.

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