The Parks & Recreation Summer Day Program, "Camp," has been a staple of this community for decades. Our camp will be back in 2019 and is better than ever. 
This summer camp is a fee-based program facilitated by the City of Revere Parks and Recreation Department. The camp will be staffed by college and high school workers and administered by a team of dedicated recreation professionals. 
Our Director, Department Staff, Program Coordinator, Instructors and Assistance Instructors work together to provide quality programming for students enterting
Grades 1 to 8. 
The summer curriculum offers diverse, age-appropriate, educational and recreational activities. The program aims to enhance development in self-confidence, independence, academics, and friendship. 
Operational Details
  • The summer day program will begin on Monday, June 24 and will continue until Friday, August 9. 
  • The program takes place at the West Revere School Complex (Whelan/SBA) at 107 Newhall Street. 
  • Both Revere residents and non-residents are eligible to enroll in this camp; however, residents have priority. 
  • Several field trips will be scheduled for the summer. Complete details for field trips will be available in June. The field trip schedule will be distributed to families during the first week of the program. 
Cost of the Program
  • Regular Day - 8:30AM to 2PM
    • Cost - $125 per week or $30 per day
  • Extended Day - 8:30AM to 5PM
    • Cost - $200 per week or $45 per day
Pre-registration is required. 

Sample Schedule

8:30AM - Doors Open

8:30-9AM - Attendance/Breakfast

9-9:25AM - Summer Learning Time

9:25-10AM - Classrom Activity Time

10-11AM - Gym Class

11-11:45AM - Computer Class

11:45-12PM - Prep for Lunch

12-12:30PM - Lunch Time

12:30-1:15PM - Outside Activities

1:15-1:50PM - Free Time

1:50-2PM - Early Dismissal

2-2:30PM - Snack time

2:30-5PM - Afternoon Centers & Dismissal




To request more information:

Contact the Camp Coordinator

Charlie Giuffrida


You can also request more information with this form: